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Stylish wooden door installed in a residential home


First Choice Window & Door Centre Ltd. wants to make your window and door shopping as easy as possible, so we’re answering a few of our most frequently asked questions on this page. Choose from this list of questions to be directed to the answer you’re seeking. Feel free to call us if you have additional questions.


Q. Why Am I Getting Condensation on My New Windows?

A. Condensation on the interior of your windows occurs when humidity is high in your home. You may find that condensation occurs during times when the humidity level is significantly increased due to cooking or bathing. This, coupled with the airtightness of your new windows, can cause condensation to form on the surface of the glass. (Leaky windows offer an escape route for the humidity.) You can try to combat this issue by reducing moisture sources near the windows, increasing ventilation in your home, or possibly even raising your blinds an inch or two from your window sill. (This promotes air movement). In the event condensation appears between the panes of your insulated glass, contact First Choice Window & Door Centre Ltd. to take care of this issue.


Q. What Should I Use to Clean My New Windows?

A. First Choice Window & Door Centre Ltd. recommends a soap and water mixture, such as dish soap, to clean your windows. Never use petroleum-based cleaners, abrasives, razor blades or high-pressure water hoses to clean your windows.


Q. Why Does Water Accumulate Inside My Vinyl Window after a Storm?

A. Vinyl windows purchased at First Choice Window & Door Centre Ltd. meet the more challenging Canadian standards for inclement weather. New windows come with a self-draining system that allows water to run out through the weep holes at the base of your window. It is important to keep these clean and free of debris to avoid excess water buildup during and after a storm.


Q. Can I Paint My Vinyl Windows?

A. No. Painting your vinyl windows will result in a void warranty. If you are interested in painting your windows, consider fibreglass.


Q. Can I Tint My Windows?

A. No, tinting your windows will void the warranty. Consider having your windows tinted at the factory when you order them.


Q. What Types of Payment Do You Accept?

A. We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash, or cheque.


Q. Do You Install Windows and Doors Year-round? How Long Will My Windows Be Out?

A. Yes, we work all year long. We install one window at a time, resulting in the window or door only being out for a short period.


Q. Once I Have Placed My Order, How Soon Will It Come In?

A. With the exception of specialty or custom products, most window and door orders are fulfilled within 3 to 4 weeks.


Q. How Long Will It Take First Choice Window & Door Centre Ltd. to Install My Windows?

A. Average homes generally only take 1 or 2 days at most. Usually, we can complete up to 10 windows per day. If this is a concern, please ask us how long we think the project will take.


Q. What Do You Do with My Old Windows/Doors?

A. We dispose of your windows at the local landfill. If you are interested in saving, repurposing or reselling your existing windows, please notify us immediately upon arrival on site.

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